ONETWENTYTWO Ambassador Program

First off: Thank you for your interest in becoming a ONETWENTYTWO Ambassador! Being an ambassador will benefit you by having:

  • - Periodic product packages sent to you via mail (free of charge).
  • - Your work being promoted on our Instagram account & store sites.
  • - A personalized discount code that will can be used by your friends, followers & yourself at our online nail supply store.
  • - Exclusive pre-releases of new products & store info.


Our requirements are simple:

  • - At least 4-5 monthly posts (pictures & videos apply) on your IG feeds using the products you receive from your periodic packages.
  • - Bonus points if you also make TikTok videos using the products.
  • - That you promote your personalized discount code in such posts & that you tag us (@onetwentytwo_co).


With that said our program will be incentive based. This means that each ambassador will be rewarded with larger product batches in each drop based on performance. Performance will be measured based on how many posts you make per month with our requirements listed above & the number of sales accounted for with your personalized code. The top performers will receive higher valued packages.


If you fail to meet the requirements you will be placed in probation for the following month. You will be removed from such classification if you complete the requirements the following month after being placed in probation. If you once again you fail to reach the minimum requirements, you will be removed from the program.


We expect a high number of applicants for the ambassador program & only a limited applicants will be selected. Please respond with a reply of ‘BAD BITCH’ after you’ve fully read ALL of this post to confirm your interest in being considered for the program. Also, please link the profiles to your existing work. If you have any questions please let us know & we will gladly assist you. And once again: thank you for your interest in becoming an ambassador for our brand. We are beyond flattered!